Dining and Shopping

Shops - Almost all of Bar Harbor's gift shops, clothing stores, art galleries, bakeries, jewelers and other retail businesses are located on, or just off, Cottage Street or Main Street in the downtown area. The area is well lit and paved sidewalks provide a safe, convenient way to window shop and get around. Two, full service commercial banks are located here as well.


Dining - Bar Harbor's restaurants are a little more spread out than its shops. Many are located downtown but several excellent restaurants are located just outside of town. Whether you have a taste for Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Irish, Pizza or Downeast Seafood, you'll find a place in Bar Harbor that won't disappoint you. Most places post a menu outside so you can see what's offered and what it costs before you enter.


Bar Harbor Motel
100 Eden Street
Bar Harbor, ME 04609
Reservations: 800-388-3453

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