Trail Access to Acadia


carriage road

Just seven tenths (7/10) of a mile separate the back of our property and the historic carriage roads of Acadia National Park. The Bar Harbor Motel/Acadia Connector Trail join the two near intersection #5.   This connector trail (part of which is shown here to the left) is nicely worn down and easily followed.


The carriage roads are a system of 45 miles of carefully groomed, 16 foot wide, broken-stone roads featuring some of the most spectacular stone and masonry work in country. A gift from John D. Rockefeller Jr. and his family, the carriage roads are closed  to all motorized traffic. Many of our guests report exploring all of Acadia National Park by bicycle and never interacting with any vehicles.


witch hole

- Witch Hole as seen from the carriage roads -

Please don't get the idea these roads are just for bicyclers. The carriage roads are much softer and easier on the joints than asphalt or cement making them a terrific place for a brisk walk to burn off those blueberry pancakes.


- a frequently asked question -


"I like riding my bicycle... its fun and its healthy but, you know, there are other things I like too. My significant other, though, eats chains and sprockets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. How can we spend an afternoon together doing something we'll both enjoy?"


- answer -


Eat a light lunch. Put some trail snacks and water in your backpacks or saddlebags. Check your bikes over, including your tire pressures. Leave our property via the Bar Harbor Motel/Acadia Connector Trail and join the carriage road system at intersection #5. Following your carriage road map, make your way to Jordan Pond House (located in between intersection 14 and 15).




Once you're at Jordan Pond House*, you simply MUST have Tea & Popovers on the lawn overlooking the pond. There is a lovely trail around Jordan Pond and if you still have energy to burn, try it out. If not, have another cup of tea! When you're all finished, you'll be pleased to know that Jordan Pond House is a stop for the Island Explorer bus system. This system will take you back to our motel (you may have to transfer to another bus in Bar Harbor) and the buses do takes bicycles. Be sure to check a current bus schedule for connection times and availability.


* Jordan Pond House is quite popular and at certain times during the year it is difficult to get a table. You may make a reservation by calling 1-207-276-3316.


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