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Whale Watching:  About 20 miles off the coast of Bar Harbor, out in the Gulf of Maine, there is a place where the bottom topography causes strong tidal currents to churn up water from the sea bed floor, all the way to the surface. All the tasty little critters in the food chain love this place, right up until the moment something larger makes a meal of them. Swimming leisurely through this great caldron of nutrients are the Great Whales. The waters off Bar Harbor offer some of the best whale watching in the world. Finback, Minke and Humpback whales are most commonly seen although other species are often sighted. Visit the Bar Harbor Whale Watch web site for more information.




Sea Kayaking:  "Ecological" Sea Kayak Trips of the remote "West Side" of Mount Desert Island... This off-the beaten-path philosophy results in less boat traffic, no motels, no cruise ships but great wildlife viewing (harbor seals, harbor porpoise, bald eagle, osprey, cormorant and other sea birds). Half-Day (4 hr) AM, PM, and Sunset paddles late May-early October. Professional Sea Kayak Guides provide all equipment, instruction and van transportation to Western Bay, Blue Hill Bay or Somes Sound factoring tide, wind direction and visibility. Perfect Safety Record and locally owned/operated by an Island Native. Explore the quiet side of Acadia contact National Park Sea Kayak or Maine State Sea Kayak for more information.






Windjammer Cruises:  While none of the over-night windjammers operate out of Bar Harbor, you can take a 2 hour cruise aboard the MARGARET TODD any day of the week. Maine's only 4 masted schooner, the MARGARET TODD  is over 151 feet long. Contact Downeast Windjammer Cruises for more information.





diver ed


Dive-In Theater:  Diver Ed's Dive-in Theater is a unique way to see the ocean floor. Cruise Frenchman Bay as Diver Ed combs the sea floor, narrating and transmitting live video to a giant LCD video projector for the folks topside. Contact the Dive-In Theater Boat Cruise for more information.







Sea Princess: Sea Princess Nature Cruises operated out of Northeast Harbor and offer several different excursions. Cruise through the Northeast's only natural fjord as you look for eagles, ospreys and seal. Some of these trips are narrated by the National Park Service. Contact Sea Princess Cruises for more information.





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